Hopefully this is both the first and last time I have to wear a coat and scarf to a baseball game. What the hell, Texas? It’s APRIL. 

Hopefully this is both the first and last time I have to wear a coat and scarf to a baseball game. What the hell, Texas? It’s APRIL. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question, it really means so much to me b/c I don't have many people I can talk about these things with :) I added you on Fb ~4 years ago b/c I was just starting and adding everyone from church haha

Well then feel free to send me a message! I’d love to talk to you more about it, just because I know exactly how you must feel. I didn’t have anybody to talk to when I was in your position, and I wish I’d have had someone who could’ve listened and not been judgmental. I’m proud of you for having the guts to even consider coming out at 17 - I certainly wasn’t that brave when I was your age.

(Part 4) and if you don't feel comfortable answering because again, you don't really know me, then you can just reply to these with that so I don't keep checking haha. Btw Wesley and Piper are some of the most adorable pets I have ever seen :)

Wow, it’s not creepy of you to message me at all! Goodness, I remember what it was like to be in your position back when I was part of that youth group, and it’s definitely hard. Here’s the thing - traditionally speaking, that church, and Baptists in general (not all), tend to have an issue with homosexuality in any form. It’s something that growing up in that church, I was taught over and over to consider a major sin. That’s a big reason why I stayed hidden deep in the closet for so long. The fact that you’re even considering coming out is really brave, because that’s an environment that wouldn’t be likely to be very welcoming to the idea. But, you also have to understand the risks attached to owning your identity like that. It’s likely that most of the other people in the youth group have been raised and taught to believe that homosexuality is wrong and sinful, and it’s likely that as a result, you might lose some friends. Some of my closest friends were made in that very youth group, and up until I came out, I was very close with most of them still. But, after my coming out, only one or two still remain good friends, and that’s a consequence I expected, as much as it still sucks. I’ve lost relationships with both friends and family I once held dear, which is never easy. Plus, it would depend on how your family might react. If they’d be supportive, then you’d have that to fall back on. But if you’re in a situation anything like what I was in at your age, where I knew both my family and friends wouldn’t be supportive in any way, I’d suggest really giving it a lot of thought and time before openly coming out. Don’t get me wrong, being honest and open about who you are is wonderful, empowering, and incredibly beneficial to both you and others like you who may be struggling with coming out, but it also comes with a lot of risks, stress, and potential hurt from those around you. There are a lot of people from FBCR who have since come out of the closet - although most of us waited until a little bit later in life when we weren’t as dependent on our families. But, if you feel like you’re ready, it’s definitely something to consider. I’ve been in your position, and I know the stress of hiding and feeling like you have to protect your secret, but I also know that it can be so helpful to have someone to talk to about it all who won’t judge. If you ever want to talk off Anon, or actually talk about it with someone you can trust to keep your secret, feel free to add me on Facebook and send me a private message. I’m here to help in any way I can - it’s a hard process, and it’s even harder when you throw Christianity into the mix. You can trust me to keep everything secret, because I know what it felt like to be in your position a few years ago. Thanks for reaching out, I hope I can help, and way to go on learning to accept yourself - that’s a major step of the process. 


PS - Wesley and Piper say thanks! Actually, Wes just licked my toe, and Piper just rolled over. But that’s close enough. :) 

Our little Wesley man turns 1 today. Happy birthday, big boy; enjoy the cupcake!

Our little Wesley man turns 1 today. Happy birthday, big boy; enjoy the cupcake!

Nick: What do you think is gonna win Best Picture?
Me: I don't know. I've only watched two movies this year, and both of them were "The Emperor's New Groove."



Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough

i feel slightly offended

Apparently our little man is a “handsome dog”. I blame the bow tie. 


Apparently our little man is a “handsome dog”. I blame the bow tie. 

I just want to do something meaningful and positive with my life. My God, is that so much to f***ing ask?



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Seriously, that little fox is Wesley in cartoon form. 



holly shit.


I’m actually crying, someone buy this for me!!

I’m drooling. 

I’m dying. 

I’m dying. 


I’m here, I’m queer, I was told there would be food?